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Artist's statement

Authenticity, nature, connection and the North

Roots in Kittilä, home in Rovaniemi, cottage in Riutula, Inari. These places are a strong foundation for everything I do in my art. I look, listen, touch and smell. I focus on all the senses and reflect what I experience through creative processes.

The rhythms and cycles of nature repeat themselves in my works. Seasonal movement, endless changes, organic shapes and the transition of light. I observe the inner and the outer, myself and the world. The world I live in. The dangers of the north, the earth's surfaces, bare bodies of water and delicious flora. Untouched and independent of humans. Through my works, I present my own dependence on this independence. I take refuge in nature like a newborn takes refuge in its mother. I take advantage of it and create something obvious, yet inexplicable.

Usually, I make my art with oil colors and acrylic colors on different painting bases. I also draw, make graphics and sculptures. Harmonious colors, naturalness, northern life, spontaneous and unplanned work and layered surfaces are repeated in my work. I make both realistic and expressive art. Sometimes I combine these art forms with each other. 


Art exhibitions in which I have participated as an artist or curator.

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Participation in the joint exhibition

Arktikum galleries Valo, Katve I and Katve II 

May 2023

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Traveling exhibition and game concept 

Rovaniemi Art Museum


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Molkojärvi's unpolished rowan

Curating and participating in the exhibition

Gallery Kilo of the University of Lapland

January 2023

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Into the deep end

Participation in the joint exhibition

The galleries of the University of Lapland

May 2021 - June 2021

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Something new, something old, something digital

Curating and participating in the exhibition

Rovaniemi Homeland Museum art exhibition

 June 2022 - September 2022

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Hit and sank

Participation in the joint exhibition

Arktikum gallery Katve I

November 2019 - December 2019

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